NOOK Apps 2015 Developer Payment Schedule

Payments for 2015 will be made based on the following schedule:

January 30th – Friday – for purchases in Dec 2014
February 27th – Friday – for purchases in January
March 30th – Monday – for purchases in February
April 30th – Thursday – for purchases in March
May 29th – Friday – for purchases in April
June 30th – Tuesday – for purchases in May
July 30th – Thursday – for purchases in June
August 28th – Friday – for purchases in July
September 30th – Wednesday – for purchases in August
October 30th – Friday – for purchases in September
November 30th – Monday – for purchases in November
December 30th – Wednesday – for purchases in December

Please allow 2 – 5 business days for receipt of payment.

If you have questions, please Contact Us.

Thank you,
NOOK Developer Support

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Calling All Developers with Valentine’s Day Apps!

We are looking for all Valentine’s Day Apps.

Don’t forget to submit your apps to our seasonal app promotion in time for our February app promotions.

Learn more about our seasonal app promotion:

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

Thank you,

NOOK Developer Team

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Important Reminders – 2014 Holiday App Submission, Marketing & Support Schedules

The holidays are fast approaching and in an effort to ensure you submit your apps in time for our holiday promotions and to take advantage of holiday app sales we’ve included some important dates below.

App Submission Reminder
Submit your apps prior to the dates listed below to take advantage of holiday marketing and app sales.
Thanksgiving – submit apps no later than Wednesday, November 19th
Christmas – submit apps no later than Wednesday, December 17th
New Years – submit apps no later than Sunday, December 28th

Seasonal App Promotion
Don’t forget to submit your holiday apps to our seasonal app promotion by the dates listed below.

Thanksgiving – Monday, November 10th
Christmas – Monday, December 8th
New Years – Monday, December 15th

For more information about the Seasonal App Promotion visit:

NOOK Developer Support
Our offices will be closed Thursday, November 27th & Friday, November 28th in observance of the Thanksgiving Day holiday. We will reopen on Monday, December 1st

Our office will be closed Thursday, December 25th & Friday, December 26th in observance of the Christmas holiday. We will reopen on Monday, December 29th

New Years
Our office will be closed Thursday, January 1st & Friday, January, 2nd in observance of the New Year holiday. We will reopen on Monday, January 5th

The NOOK Developer Support Team will respond to your support requests as quickly as possible. Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from the NOOK Team!

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Learn More About Submitting Guides to NOOK

If you are submitting a “Guide” to NOOK you must use the following guidelines in order for your submission to be approved:

  • Select “Book” as type of application being submitted
  • Format application title as: “Guide: <insert guide name here>”
  • First sentence of the description must clearly indicate the app is a guide
  • icon must include a wrapper that clearly states “Guide”
  • You must have permission to use any copyright material in your app images or icons

If you have any questions about the requirements above, please contact us.



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Understanding NOOK Reporting & Payment Processes

This blog post provides information about the capabilities of NOOK Developer reporting tools and also addresses questions that you may have regarding our payment and billing processes.

We hope that after reading this post you have a better understanding of how to use our online reports.

Once your application has been live for at least 2 days on the US or UK catalog you can view your revenue sales and download stats by logging into and access the “Reports” area as shown below.

account:reports ss

The screen shots below show an example of the Reports sections and the information that is available to you.

chartview ss detail view ss

In the chart and details area you can do the following:

1. Keep track of your sales and number of units sold by looking at the “Chart” view. You can be organized the data by date, application, and currency (GBP and USD).

2. See your revenue breakdown by application and date for both UK and US sales by selecting the “Details” view.

Note: Developers receive 70% of their app sales. For example, if you sell an application for $ 0.99, sales reports will show $0.69 that is the 70% cut, the other 30% is automatically given to B&N.

3. Download a .csv file arranged by month and application by selecting the “Export CSV” link.

2014 Payment Schedule

Included below is the payment schedule for 2014. All payments will be processed on the day listed below. International vendors should allow 3-5 business days to receive payment.

January 30th December sales
February 28th January sales
March 28th February sales
April 30th March sales
May 30th April sales
June 30th May sales
July 30th June sales
August 29th July sales
September 30th August sales
October 30th September sales
November 26th October sales
December 30th November sales

Note: Payments are for the sales from the previous month. Example – January’s payment is for sales made in the month of December.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: When do I get paid?

A: All payments are made at the end of the month for the previous month sales. For example, if you sell apps in June sales for those apps sold are paid to you in your July payment. See both the payment schedule within this document and the NOOK Device Application Distribution Agreement for more information.

2. Q: Why have I not been paid for my app sales?

A: NOOK Apps pays accounts on a NET Thirty basis (or on the thirtieth day of the proceeding month) and only if your sales reach the $10 minimum for domestic vendors and $50 for International developers.

3. Q: How do I get paid for my UK sales?

A: All developers, international and domestic, receive their final combined payments (UK + US sales) in USD. The conversion from GBP to USD happens automatically at the time of the purchase and the most current currency exchange rates are applied.

4. Q: How do international developers get paid?

A: International developers are sent checks at the end of each month once the $50 threshold is reached.

5. Q: When do I receive my yearly earnings statement?

A: Yearly 1099 earnings reports are sent to all domestic developers in early February. Note: S and C corporations do not receive 1099 reports.

6. Q: Still Have Questions?

A: Get in touch with NOOK Developer Support.


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Interested in Increasing Your Profit Potential on NOOK?

Be one of the first to implement subscriptions in your NOOK App and receive premium app marketing.

NOOK Developer is excited to announce that we have teamed up again with leading mobile payment provider Fortumo to bring subscription support to NOOK.

Submit your subscription-enabled app to NOOK Developer by Friday, March 7th 2014 to qualify for two weeks of premium marketing exposure on device.

Get Started Today!

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Cross-sell Your NOOK Apps: The Easiest Sale You’ll Ever Make

Did you know that by simply implementing the Shop Details API, you’re able to easily cross-promote your other app/s that are also on NOOK?  This simple integration has proven useful and effective for developers who have more than one app on NOOK and are looking to increase their sales potential to existing users of their content.

How does it work? The Shop Details API is an Android intent that will open an overlay window on top of your app display, showing the product details page for a specific item in the NOOK Store.

The user can then buy the item directly from that page or close the overlay and return back to your app. The code looks like this:

Intent i = new Intent();
// The real EAN for the cross-sell app goes above

This is a natural place for you to upsell a user who is already engaging with your content.  Simply, show something for the app/s you want to promote, such as an app icon or app name, and when the user selects it, use the code above to open the app’s product details page within the NOOK Store. Hotel Search You can find your app/s EANs in the Applications tool within NOOKDeveloper.

If don’t want to hardcode the EAN into your application, it is possible to use a webview instead. Read this sample APK and Project for your reference.

If you’re distributing your apps in multiple regions, please ensure that all the cross-promoted apps are available in the same regions as the promoting app itself. Otherwise, if a promoted app is not available in the same region, the device will display an error message when the customer tries to purchase the promoted app, resulting in a poor customer experience, missed sales and/or low user ratings / reviews.

Review this example Eclipse project showing how to use this API by logging into NOOKDeveloper and reviewing the Shop Details API article. This API is also available for developers using Adobe AIR and Corona SDK.

If you aren’t already using this API, now’s the time to get your high performing apps working for you!

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