Free Fridays — Now With Apps!

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Earlier today we added Free Apps to the weekly NOOK Free Fridays Books promotion where a popular book is given away each week on Friday. The Free Fridays Books is a popular feature for NOOK owners who look for the announcement each week on the NOOK Blog with cross links posted on Twitter and Facebook.

With the addition of Free Fridays Apps, every week a selected app will have its price reduced to $0.00 early Friday morning and will be announced on the NOOK Blog. The app will be free all day Friday. For the NOOK customer, this is just another benefit of owning a NOOK tablet. For the developer, this promotion is a valuable way to market your app and company.

FAF-FacebookGiving away your paid app might seem to be a crazy idea but consider the benefits. If you have a catalog of apps to sell, giving one away gives you a great opportunity for exposure beyond what you might get on your own; then you can cross-market/cross-sell your other apps from the giveaway app. If you collect contact information from the users, you can rapidly build a marketing list that can be used to announce and promote your apps via email or newsletters. If your free app includes app analytics, you can measure how a large number of users use your app. You can analyze which parts of the app are popular and which features might not be getting exercised, and use that information to improve the app in future updates or releases. And the customer comment stream from this large test audience gives you valuable feedback on your app, letting you know what the users like and what they might not like so much.

If this sounds interesting to you and you’d like your app to be considered for our Free Fridays Apps promotion, please file a support ticket on with Subject “Free Fridays Apps” and tag it for the “Marketing & Promotion” category and tell us about your app.

Watch for the Free Fridays App each week. We’re sure you’ll find some new apps to enjoy.

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